Chapter Hosts Launch of AUVSI TOP Operator Program



Special Guest Speaker Tracy Lamb!

AUVSI's Tracy Lamb takes her TOP Level 3 certification. Photo: Tracy Lamb

AUVSI’s Tracy Lamb takes her TOP Level 3 certification. Photo: Tracy Lamb

Becoming a commercial drone pilot and operating a UAS represents an exciting and rewarding career in a dynamic and emerging industry, but from a regulatory perspective, there is little required for the commercial drone operator to demonstrate competency or proficiency in his or her operations. There are training courses available to the prospective drone pilot, however, so far there has been no industry unification with respect to remote pilot competency training or testing programs.

AUVSI has worked with industry experts to create TOP, to raise the trust and acceptance of the use of unmanned aircraft around the world. TOP is a professional unmanned systems community initiative aimed at supporting industry accepted remote pilot standards and protocols, which will result in the safe and sustainable advancement of the industry.

Under the program, UAS operators will be able to achieve three levels of certification. Each is a series of checklists of practices, skills and competencies “that all professional remote pilots and operators should follow, no matter in what part of the world they operate,” Lamb says.